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Flagstaff Recruitment prides itself in providing first class labour hire and recruitment services.

Our team has industry experience in transport, freight and logistics, manufacturing, maintenance, aviation, trades, project and production planning, management, and of course labour hire and recruitment.

Your resourcing challenges are our challenges too and we enjoy taking ownership and working together with you to achieve the successful outcomes we are all looking for.

What We Will Do:

Our Processes


Besides utilising advertising media such as Seek, TradeMe Jobs and local newspapers we also have our own job board and encourage all our candidates to set up Job Alerts.  We have a leading edge recruitment management software package that we utilise to search for potential candidates.

We have networks across many industries and we look to use those as appropriate.


All of our temporary employees and contractors are interviewed, reference checked and checked for criminal convictions.  All non-residents are also visa checked.

We ensure that all of our temporary employees and contractors have the prerequisite qualifications and training as specified by you.  Where applicable we monitor expiry dates on these as well.

Health & Safety

All of our temporary employees and contractors undergo a Flagstaff Recruitment Health & Safety induction.  We also ensure that an appropriate induction, including Health and Safety, is conducted by the host employer.

We ensure that our temporary employees and contractors have the appropriate PPE to perform their work safely.

We carry out a safety audit on all worksites that our temporary employees and contractors work on.  We also carry out an audit of safety management systems on site.

Quality Management System

With a background in aviation we understand the importance and value of documented business processes.  Our processes and quality management system meet ISO 9001 standards.  This ensures that every step of our processes is known, documented and built into our management systems to ensure that we can deliver a consistent quality service to you.  Client specific requirements are also built into these processes.

Our Pricing

We do not utilise a standard pricing model.  In working with you we look at the big picture and tailor our charges accordingly.  We believe in providing value for money.  We work closely with you to ensure firstly that you get the right person for the job and secondly that the pricing reflects fair value for all parties.  We understand the need to be flexible and our recruitment team are happy to explore all options with you.

Our Recruitment Systems

We use a leading edge relationship management software package to assist us to effectively manage applicants, temporary employees, contractors and clients.  We can access our data at anytime and anywhere – even while we are in your office!

Temporary Staff

Our expertise is in flexible workforce solutions.

If you need temporary staff for one day, a week, a month, a year or longer, we can tailor a solution.

When we engage temporary employees or contractors for you we manage all payments to these people.  All we need from you generally is a timesheet duly authorised by an approved member of your staff.  It is that easy.

For more information please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to being of service to you.